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Climber's co-op

About the project

The Mount Washington Valley Climbers’ Cooperative (MWVCC) is an organization working to create an accessible and inclusive space for indoor rock climbing, training, and community growth in the Mount Washington Valley.

This was a brand evolution. The old mark used a poly shape but had no purpose. When we created this new logo we wanted to continue to use the poly style but modeled the shape to mimic a hand-made climbing hold that one of the members created. This gave it the look of a stone reaching up to a peak. We then had a chance to pair this more modern look with an organic feel in the iconography. Hand-drawn rock climbing gear compliments the logo perfectly and speaks to the “dirtbag” lifestyle that climbers are proud to embody.

Client: MWV Climbers' Co-op

Year: 2020

The Collective

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