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Fulling Mill

About the project

Fulling Mill is widely recognized as a global leader in the manufacture of premium quality fishing flies. With a heritage that dates all the way back to the 1930s we have slowly but surely built a brand on the keystones of quality, value and service. Today we employ over 300 skilled artisans in our manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka and Kenya.

We were given the opportunity to create some limited edition t-shirts to celebrate the heritage of Fulling Mill. The goal was to create something fly-fishers would want to wear and something more than just branded merch. We created two iconic designs. First with hand-drawn custom flies and an ode to a marketing campaign from years back: Properly Dressed. Second, was an abstract rendition of a familiar sight: a rising trout. This design ended up on the cover of their 2022 catalog and was made into a pretty sweet sticker.

Client: Fulling Mill

Year: 2021

The Collective

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