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While we each have different career paths, and many different examples of work to share, there are a number of projects that have been completed as a team. Three of which are full branding projects.

Pyxis Rose and Raising the Valley started with team huddles and naming sessions. Time spent going back and forth on names and what each organization's values are. After a name is chosen comes the fun part. Mike goes to work on logo ideas and we both collaborate on color palettes. While Mike works on logos, Gabe starts designing a website. It’s been so much fun to see these projects come together from the ground up and then finally see them launch to the public. Another example was the development of an already existing brand with a logo and website refresh—Fairbank Lodge. In the office, we worked back to back but these days, we spend our working hours on Slack huddles and screen shares, even if we aren’t working on the same project.

Gabrielle Chiddy

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