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About the project

The goal of the homestead is to raise kids and grandkids surrounded by family of all ages. MULTI-GENERATIONAL is represented by two birds that are symbolic to the family: a goldfinch and cardinal. Both symbolize family near and far, living and lost.


The homestead life is new to every member of the family—there will be lots to learn. LEARNING is represented by the new growth on the branches which both support the birds and wrap around the birds to symbolize their CONNECTION to the land and one another.

RECIPROCITY is another focus on the homestead. This is represented by the color of the goldfinch, cardinal and the buds creating intentional yin and yang balance.


And finally, there is a hidden path in the negative space between the birds to symbolize their LIFESTYLE—the true path to physical, mental and emotional well-being—formed in a center of a heart.

Client: Perrywick Homestead

Year: 2022

The Collective

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