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The goal behind this branding project was to go against the grain of your traditional mortgage banker and create a logo that captured Tyler’s personality—a mix between relaxed, personable and authentic, but also modern and serious about the profession. Behind the relaxed demeanor, Tyler is very much a killer at his craft. Oh, and the word “mortgage” is out.

House Money truly cares about its clients. They are personable and emphasize the value of relationships over transactions. RELATIONSHIPS is a key element to the logotype design. Using a custom typeface and mixing and matching the serif and sans serif letters, the logotype embodies these relationships.


When buying a home, the mortgage is the most complicated and involved aspect. There is a very real need for a true "specialist" to quarterback the transaction, as it us simply impossible for the average consumer to master ALL aspects of the buying and financing process.



“I like the idea of my brand standing alone in that it may not clearly indicate "mortgage" financing, but could almost be mistaken for a streetwear brand. Something that would look good on a t-shirt."
—Tyler Howe

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