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We are three squirrels. No, there are not three of us. And no, we’re not actually squirrels. So why Squirrels?

Squirrels represent the importance of priorities. They prepare for the future and get their work done with energy and balance. But these magnificent creatures also know not to take life too seriously. They are reminders that being productive and prepared is important, but having fun and letting loose is just as important. This philosophy is the reason we created the collective——to continue the work we love doing, while allowing us the time to enjoy life.


Now here is where the squirrels come in. By distributing these nuts around the forest, the story of that tree is able to spread. This is how we think of branding, and trees, and nuts. Trees make their nuts tasty so that animals, such as squirrels, will collect them and spread them around to their friends and family——exactly how consumers gravitate to certain brands and can’t help but share their latest score. But the secret behind any successful brand is its story or how tasty the acorn is.


They spread that story as far as they can reach, allowing it to take root in new locations and, ultimately, grow.


At 3squirrels, we’ll help you craft your story and we promise we won’t talk about your nuts——unless, of course, you sell nuts——but that story is ultimately yours. We want to help you tell it——to package it up in a beautiful acorn and spread it around. We can start small but each time that story is told, there is another opportunity for growth——another tree planted. And with the help of 3squirrels, chances are, you can change the face of the planet.

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