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Abigail Scott colored background with design elements


Abigail Scott logotype
Abigail Scott primary logo

This led her to become a certified professional coach. Her goal is to partner with people to help them uncover what may be holding them back from living the life they want and create realistic strategies which allow them to achieve their success. As her business grows, so too must her brand.


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Abigail Scott Coaching is expanding. Abby helps individuals increase their alignment, confidence, ease and joy in their careers which permeates throughout their entire life. She has lived her own transformations and knows it’s possible, which is why she wants to empower and inspire other individuals to do the same.
Abigail Scott brand identity

A brand mark that speaks to the growth from within.

Abigail Scott monogram logo mark
Abigail Scott monogram logo design process

The goal behind this branding project was to capture the "Abby Vibe." Something with intention and honesty but with some energy and hope. Abby wanted to reimagine her existing monogram as the key feature of her brand and capture the balance of structure and flexibility, playful yet passionate. The A and the S are intertwined drawing the eye to the center of the mark where you have the growth within.

Abigail Scott logotype process
The Abigail Scott brand extends beyond coaching and into the consulting and intentional living spheres. A bright color palette and elegant font duo gives each segment it's own flare.
Abigail Scott color palette
Abigail Scott brand family
Abigail Scott presentation and keynote template design
Abigail Scott mid-century modern design element

Presentation templates, design elements and iconography to complete the brand.

Abigail Scott growth branch icon

Growth from within.

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