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Deep rich blue inspired by Kotochrome film


Oyster Farm Productions primary logo badge

Oyster Farm Productions was looking for a rebrand. They wanted a throw-back to the classics—a 40s, 50s, 60s style design. Think old matchbooks or Zippo™. They wanted something SOLID BUT FUN. Something SIMPLE. Something that EMBODIED HOPE and OPTIMISM


Mike Macfarlane | Logo Designer


Brand Identity Workshop

Custom Logo
Logo Family

Oysters are able to filter up to 55 gallons of water a day. What they make through that process is nothing short of a gem. That is the story behind Oyster Farm Productions—thought filters.
Oyster Farm Productions primary logo

A brand identity with a hidden gem.

Oyster Farm Productions logo dark blue
Oyster Farm Productions brand identity family

Depending on who you ask, you’ll find that A PEARL IS A SYMBOL for OPTIMISM and HOPE—specifically, hope for the future. This is a strong belief at the Oyster Farm—to help people who help people. "Because if it’s GOOD FOR PEOPLE and good FOR THE PLANET, then it’s GOOD FOR US."

Attention to detail

This brings us back to the aperture blades. Zoom out and you’ll see THE BIGGER PICTURE. Zoom in and you find THE HIDDEN GEM. The Oyster Farm does both to tell the complete story for each of their clients.

Oyster Farm Productions logo badge with production background
"We delight our clients. We don’t cut corners. We take care of our clients and devote the utmost attention and respect to each project."
Oyster Farm Productions logotype
Oyster Farm Productions hat and cap design
Oyster Farm Productions alternative script logotype
Oyster Farm Productions logo mark with frame

A family of logos inspired by classic brands.

Oyster Farm Productions recording dot logo
Kodachrome inspired colors.

Again with the classics. Oyster Farm wanted their new color palette to resemble old Kodachrome photographs. They even sent over some of their baby pictures to pull colors from. We ended up with deep blues, rich grays, with pops of bright colors. 

Oyster Farm Productions kotochrome inspired colors

The not-so-secret ingredient for any successful business.

A classic style logo that represents the story of Oyster Farm Productions. Thought filters, the oyster. Optimism, the pearl. Attention to detail, the aperture. Together they make one rad logo for a production company.

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