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Gorman Masonry values on branded background


Gorman Masonry horizontal logo design

Gorman Masonry was looking to build a brand that embodied their values. They wanted a strong mark and logotype that symbolizes the QUALITY of their work. By nature, stone is RESILIENT but in order to use it to make a home, it requires BALANCE of security and comfort, of functionality and creativity. To put a name on something so lasting, requires INTEGRITY, both of man and of structure.


Mike Macfarlane | Logo Designer


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Although we live in an increasingly digital world, humans still rely on tangible goods to survive. Homes must still be built to provide shelter, security and comfort for the mind and body. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right. If it can be built, it should be built to last.
Gorman Masonry primary logo design

The simplest tool can create a lasting home.

Gorman Masonry logo mark with G and trowel
Gorman Masonry stacked logo design

The trowel symbolizes connection and permanence—a simple tool in the hands of a skilled mason can build cathedrals. The trowel is standing on its point, representing BALANCE. A home must be open and inviting, yet safe and secure. It must give shelter and security while still providing comfort. Creative, yet functional. You get the idea.


RESILIENCE is a core value for Gorman Masonry. The symbol for resilience is made of three lines bending, but not breaking, under the weight of a ball—this symbol is hidden in the hilt of the trowel—a tool used by masons for thousands of years.

These pieces together lend themselves to quality. A mason who understands the importance of resilience and balance, who has integrity as a person and a craftsman, produces quality work.
Gorman Masonry typeface adjustments
Gorman Masonry business card design

To compliment the brand mark, the Gorman Masonry logotype needed to be sturdy, and timeless, with an ode to the golden days of stone masons. The typeface AQRADA Display was used as a starting point and adjustments were made to give the name more balance.

Gorman Masonry social media mockup
Gorman Masonry merchandise design

A brand is more than just a logo.

Gorman Masonry grey logo mark on black
Colors of the Earth

Colors pulled straight from the quarry. A true mason appreciates all the colors of stone. They are more often than not, colorful, and not the 50 shades of gray you may think. Gorman Masonry leans into these colors while leading with bold primary, black and cream colors.

Gorman Masonry colors inspired by a quarry

If it can be built, it should be built to last.

"Let’s put true value in what we can create for ourselves and have our great-great grandchildren enjoy the gift we can give them. In doing so we can be kinder the environment and planet, we can give the gift of beauty and comfort to those that come after us.”


—Jon Gorman, Founder & Mason

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