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Resonant Learning Center brand background design


Resonant Learning Center primary logo design

The key to Resonant Learning is the INNER VISION within each student. When the subject resonates with that inner vision, education happens exponentially. The key is to allow each student the space to find their own path, one’s OWN JOURNEY. Find a subject that the student is interested in and learning will take place at an alarming rate.


Mike Macfarlane | Logo Designer


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True learning occurs when you put a personal stamp on your own education. When students are guided by mentors to find their own unique path, their desire to learn elevates their education exponentially.
Resonant Learning Center branding on yellow background

A personal stamp on your own education.

Resonant Learning Center logo mark process
Resonant Learning Center typography process
Personal Learning

Symbolized by the fingerprint in the logo mark, the acceptance and appreciation of self and placing a personal stamp on your education is what creates a life-long desire to learn.


RLC provides a GUIDED PATH for students to discover what is truly meaningful in their lives and within themselves and then provide them with LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES to make a difference in those areas.

Resonance Curve

This logotype plays on the “Resonance Curve”—a mathematical equation which shows the result of an object when it reaches resonance. Mathematically speaking, if there is no force(f) and no restraints (c), little input can result in simple harmonic motion.

Resonant Learning Center logo process
Resonant Learning Center alternate logotype

Standing out in the educational world.

Resonant Learning Center brand mark
Resonant Learning Center business card design
These pieces together lend themselves to quality. A mason who understands the importance of resilience and balance, who has integrity as a person and a craftsman, produces quality work.
Resonant Learning Center design element and colors
Resonant Learning Center brand family
Bold and bright

The world of education design is pretty drab. It's safe. Resonant Learning Center wanted to stand out, kinda like a highlighter on a long page of notes. The colors are highlighter inspired and used to segment the different learning groups within the RLC umbrella. 

The equation of motion

The Resonant name comes from the idea of exponential growth by hitting a subject that RESONATES with the student. Pretty simple when said that way. Mathematically speaking, resonance is derived from the equation of motion. Basically, if nothing is forcing you and nothing is holding you back, you'll have infinite potential for growth.

Resonant Learning Center equation of motion

When one leans into personalized learning the community grows exponentially.

RLC exists to provide personalized learning opportunities and support for individuals, groups and institutions. RLC serves community members via personalized instruction, coaching, education consulting and creating unique learning opportunities within our communities.

Standing out online.

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