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Alpine Garden brand colors, dark green


Alpine Garden Winery primary logo design

ALPINE GARDEN is multi-generational. They have roots in the mountains and if you haven't guessed, they have a "mountian garden." The fruit of their labor is WINE + CIDER. This is represented, pretty obviously, by the bottle. But the one bottle in symbolic because, as Ryan told me when we first met, CIDER IS WINE—makes total sense.


Mike Macfarlane | Logo Designer


Brand Identity Workshop

Custom Logo
Pattern Design

Styles + Assorted Colors

There is beauty in the struggle.” We love this—the idea that grapes become more well-rounded when they are grown in the harsh mountain climate. This was the inspiration for the Alpine Garden Winery logo mark—a bottle grown from the twisting of the vines.
Alpine Garden Winery brand identity

The roots carry a story as well.

Alpine Garden Winery logo mark
Alpine Garden Winery secondary logo
Local Roots

Taste the  Mount Washington Valley, literally. Natural wines and ciders grown in the harsh mountain climate make for more complex flavors. Hidden in the roots of the logo mark is the silhouette of the Presidentials.

Family Heritage

The bottle itself is inspired by a large wood carving outside the winery. This was carved by Ryans grandfather. To celebrate the heritage of the family in the MWV, the carving, including its slightly wonky cork, made its way into the logo design.

Alpine Garden Winery typography
Natural wine-making puts a lot of trust in nature. What you're drinking should be a reflection of the area you're in.
Alpine Garden Winery monogram
Alpine Garden Winery logo and logotype
Alpine Garden Winery label design featuring local artists
Alpine Garden Winery primary logotype with tagline

Labels featuring local artists.

Alpine Garden Winery alpine flowers
Locally inspired pattern design

In the Mount Washington Valley, specifically at the top of Mt Washington, there are a few species of flowers that only grow in this harsh mountain climate. These flower make there way into a branded pattern designs.

Alpine Garden Winery pattern design
Pattern Design Alpine Flowers
Pattern Design Alpine Flowers
Pattern Design Alpine Flowers

Unlock the flavors waiting to be discovered in the White Mountains.

The wine Ryan has been producing from his small vineyard (14 years old) on west side road has been nothing short of magical; compelling and unlike any wine you've ever tasted.  He is tapping into the terroir of his hometown, and sharing his passion with everyone he meets along the way.

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